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NVMe SSD VPS Server Hosting Plans

Pure NVMe SSD  Unbeatable price-Performance ratio  Anti-DDoS Attacks  Powered by KVM Hypervisor

CPU CoresMEMORYSTORAGEBANDWIDTHCost /monthInstant Provisioning
1 CPU1GB 20GB NVMe SSD1 TB₨ 250.00Order Now
1 CPU2GB 40GB NVMe SSD1 TB₨ 500.00Order Now
2 CPU4GB 80GB NVMe SSD2 TB₨ 1,000.00Order Now
4 CPU8GB 160GB NVMe SSD4 TB₨ 2,000.00Order Now
6 CPU16GB 320GB NVMe SSD5 TB₨ 4,000.00Order Now
RAM / Memory Optimized VPS Plans
CPU CoresMEMORYSTORAGEBANDWIDTHCost /monthInstant Provisioning
2 CPU32GB 160GB NVMe SSD4 TB₨ 6,000.00Order Now
4 CPU64GB 320GB NVMe SSD6 TB₨ 12,000.00Order Now
Storage Optimized VPS Plans
CPU CoresMEMORYSTORAGEBANDWIDTHCost /monthInstant Provisioning
2 CPU8GB 1 TB NVMe SSD4 TB₨ 8,000.00Order Now
2 CPU8GB 2 TB NVMe SSD6 TB₨ 16,000.00Order Now

Unbeatable Reliability & Performance with Simple Affordable Pricing

Best suited for individual applications websites, development, test, or staging environments at an affordable price. Giving you complete control of Virtual Private Server with full root access and a choice of Operating systems operating system that best works you including Ubuntu, CentOS, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Debian, Suse, Scientific and Windows(without a license) or your custom OS. Instant Provisioning - Get your server up and running immediately provisioned within a few minutes. All VPS plans are Self Managed, and also we don't offer any backups for this service. Guaranteeing 99.5% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring good network availability for your vps.

All VPS servers are powered by Intel®'s next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and highly resilient infrastructure to meet your needs.

VPS Client Administration Control Panel

Full Root Access  VNC Access  Unlimited Reboot, Restart  Monitor Resources

Complete control with Root access to perform various crucial server administration tasks with just a click of a button from your VPS panel, including Unlimited Reboot, Restart, Web-based VNC, Network management & Resetting credentials, and OS reinstallation via the VPS client Administration control panel. Also, monitor your resource consumption for CPU, Memory, Storage, Inodes, and Bandwidth usage.

Please note we do not allow our vps service to be used for email spamming, hacking, or blacklisting our IPs; in case we find any vps hosting account doing it, we will suspend and terminate the vps without any notice, and there would be no refunds or money-back guarantee can be applied for such cases. New customers/clients using our hosting services for the first time may need to provide additional identification if our auto checks flag and your new VPS, Instant Provisioning, will not work for such cases, and our support team will contact you. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is to avoid fake and fraudulent accounts.


Why choose Touchstone VPS Servers?

Enterprise Hardware with NVMe SSD | Flexibility and Control | Privacy and Security | Anti-DDoS Attacks

Optimized for High Performance

Performance is a key part of our service, High quality VPS hosting does not mean cutting corners. We optimize everything from the servers to the network and thereby your VPS server will perform much faster than ever before. Not sure why not test it for 24 hour before ordering from us.

Detailed Server Node Specifications

Dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors Gold/Sliver CPU's (minimum 2.20Ghz per CPU core) with DDR4 ECC Ram using High-performance Hardware 100% Pure Enterprise Intel® NVMe SSD disks for high IOPS and read/write speeds. Guaranteed bandwidth Gigabit Network 99.9% Uptime with protection against DDoS attacks for every VPS Hosting Server.

KVM Virtual Private Servers: Dedicated Resources VPS

KVM Hypervisor Platform

KVM is open source, so it doesn't incur any additional cost to our clients. It is a highly mature and stable hypervisor with enterprise-level features for deploying and serving virtual private servers. As a type-1 hypervisor, KVM is the closest you can get to an actual dedicated server in a VPS environment and equivalent to having your dedicated physical server.

Guaranteed Resources for each VPS

All resources are guaranteed and permanently allocated to your VPS. NO OverSelling of resources, resources like RAM, CPU, and Space are exclusively assigned to each VPS is guaranteed even when the VPS is not using the resources, unlike other Hypervisors.

Choose your Operating System

The operating systems available on your VPS servers are Ubuntu, CentOS, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Debian, and Windows(without a license) or your custom OS - send us your ISO file, including your own Windows ISO, and we will install the OS for you.

Looking for WHM cPanel Hosting ?

Powered by High Performance Cloud with Fast-load times for Business or eCommerce with high-traffic and resource-heavy websites
Check our CLOUD cPanel Hosting with NVMe SSD and guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS is short for a Virtual Private Server. VPS Hosting simulates the experience of a dedicated server even though you're still sharing the physical server with other users. A VPS runs its own operating system (OS) and provides admin rights and root access so that you can install any required software. You have more control over system configuration with a virtual server; you are getting many of the benefits of a dedicated server - for an affordable price.
Virtual Private Server is more applicable where you need greater flexibility for installing custom software/programs or run Apps; vps has more control over the OS for custom server configuration. This also means that you are responsible for all actions on the vps. Good knowledge in server Management is required to run and maintain a server, including OS updates, security patches, and Backups of the data.
There are many advantages to hosting your site on a virtual private server apart from not having administration and hardware costs of a dedicated physical server. Some of them include:
  1. Complete control with Root access to perform various VPS tasks.
  2. VPS are easily scalable, Instantly increase or decrease the amount of resources your vps requires.
  3. Flexibility and control to decide what OS environment.
  4. Low Costs compared server as no Physical infrastructure costs.
  5. Choose the services you need, customize the VPS as per your needs.
  6. Ability to install custom software without any restriction.
NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is an interface protocol built especially for Solid State Drives (SSDs). NVMe works with PCI Express (PCIe) to transfer data to and from SSDs. Using NVMe gives up to 10 times the performance compared to standard SSDs or SATA SSD used by most hosting providers.
NVMe technology allows SSDs to unleash their true potential: blistering fast 3200 MB/s read/write speeds compared to 500 MB/s on SSDs using SATA. Also, with NVMe, we get 600k IOPS compared to less than 100K IOPS on SSDs.For all our Cloud cPanel Hosting, we use Intel® SSD DC P4610 Series NVMe disks.
Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is an open-source virtualization technology, being type 1 hypervisor can outperform all other open-source hypervisors in the market like OpenVZ, Xen, etc... KVM provides a more isolated environment and gives users their own kernel. The advanced hypervisor architecture of KVM facilitates better speed and imposes higher requirements towards the technology platform with guaranteed resources, thus outperforming any other hypervisors in the market.
Benefits of KVM VPS Server Hosting
  1. Increased business agility and IT efficiency without compromising security.
  2. Highly popular industry leading hypervisor technology.
  3. KVM runs applications at near-native speeds, faster than other industry hypervisors
  4. 100% guaranteed resources: NO OverSelling or Sharing of resources is possible.
  5. Choice of creating any operating system (ISO) for custom applications.
  6. Complete Isolation and Freedom from hardware upgrades.
  7. Keep your business network protected by the highest level of security possible.
  8. Ability to replicate on another server for redundancy of your application.
  9. Ability to migrate your VPS to High Availability Cloud without any downtime.
It's the best Virtual platform for serious developers, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises companies who want a customized solution with functionality and high-performance virtualization. It is a secure and reliable platform under the most demanding workloads and the most resource-intensive business applications.